2 Kindergarten Letter W Writing Practice Worksheet

Kindergarten Letter W Writing is a unique activity that helps children to form new words through the use of pictures. The use of pictures is important as children are forced to learn how to read by seeing. Using words will only become difficult as they become older and begin to recognize symbols for various things.

Kindergarten Letter W


A kindergartener’s Kindergarten Letter W Writing worksheet allows them to learn to see and make new words in the process. There are several types of worksheets for this activity that you can purchase or make for your child.

Your child can put together small picture frames that have all sorts of images on them. Pick out a few frames that contain simple words and colors to use as the pictures. For example, the “tea party” would be a simple word to put on a green frame and then choose another color to place on the other side of the frame. If your child chooses a more complex word, such as “beautiful” gorgeous”, then he or she will need to find a matching frame that has that word.

Using small picture frames also allows children to create their versions of simple words. You might find that the letters for “pie “Alaska” will fit on one side and “red “cow” on the other. Make your simple word and place it on the frame.


Another idea is to purchase a frame that has a picture of a picture and a colorful word or phrase on it. Write the word on the frame and then try putting the frame over a small picture frame. With the frame above the frame, children can draw an image on the frame that will represent the word. Then put the frame over the small picture frame, with the word on the top and the picture on the bottom. When it comes to creating simple words, using pictures can be an effective way to do so. You can start by placing pictures that are related to the word on the word. You can find pictures of different things on the word “dog” beef”. Try doing some pictures to help your child develop his or her ability to form new words.

When your child begins Kindergarten Letter W Writing, it is important to remember that the activity is to make him or her thinks and then writes the word that they see. Do not punish your child if he or she does not come up with the word right away. While the word may not be very easy to form, just encourage your child and give them the encouragement that they need to help them on their way.

Creating Kindergarten Letter W Writing worksheets can be done at home, but making them for your child is more fun and very educational. This is one of the most entertaining activities that your child can participate in as they work on their K-Grade.

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